Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I've been absent from my blog for quite some time. There is so much that I need to update about. Consequently, this post will most definitely be a rather bizarre but hopefully entertaining amalgamation!

To begin, the low outside is -12 °F. This Minnesotan winter is bearing down on me without forgiveness. I need spring. For the benefit of my own sanity, I've posted a clip from Disney's Fantasia to help remind myself of the awesomeness of humane weather. For whatever reason, I find this particular clip very reminiscent of what early spring is. enjoy!

I've been really interested in crop circles for a while. I just recently found an excellent documentary on the subject. For an online documentary, it's quality is very high. Though some radical ideas are thrown about, I feel it stays very grounded, and it does a very good job of explaining why crop circles are one of the most sincere and bizarre phenomena we have with us today.

For all of you who are remotely interested in the year 2012 and all the anomalies surrounding it, check out the the two videos below. The History Channel did a show concerning the most popular prophecies that center around 2012. This is one of the better shows I've seen on the subject. It goes beyond Mayan prophecy and seems to tap into ideas of the collective conscience... very interesting. I definitely recommend it. Oh, and don't give too much thought of the crustal displacement theory that is mentioned - even though it is an absolutely fantastic theory, it doesn't seem to have much hard evidence behind it... at least not as much as geomagnetic reversals do. Again, enjoy!

Now, for those of you who know me, know that I'm not one labeled as a reader. However, despite that I'm going to recommend/showcase two great books. The first book I actually read. It's titled, The God Theory, and it's an amazing book discussing how God, physics, and our human experience can possibly fit together, since at the moment they seem very much at odds. Beyond the fact that I appreciated his more philosophical ideas of God, I was delighted to find some one who could eloquently explain the dogma of scientism - the idea that modern science now seems to resemble organized religion more so than a method of inquiry. This is something I've been dying to communicate but have often felt misunderstood. Even, more significant is that this author, is a scientist himself.
This is a good read if you're searching for the beauty of our reality and how everything from physics to spiritual experiences are tied together.

I could go on and on about this book, and of course I definitely recommend it 

Now, the next book I didn't really read... at least not yet. However, that doesn't matter. It's a book for you eyes! It's an old book that I bought at a thrift store, and it's called All About Strange Beasts of the Present. It's absolutely fantastic! It's great because it celebrates how truly weird and wondrous the world we live in really is... something that is too easily forgotten. The illustrations are superb, very simple and the colour used for the spot color is absolutely perfect.
Oh, and I bought it for a mere $0.16. It's the universe's way letting me know I was supposed to have it.

Last, I wanted to share with everyone a new addition to my face. Yes, I'm in the process of growing a mustache... it's origins are a mystery, but yet it exists. This is an exciting event for me seeing as there has been a terrifying shortage of mature signs of masculinity pertaining to my body. I'm not sure how long it'll be around, but I do have a goal of leaving it until the top hair grow down to the top part of my lip. I've heard that's quite a commitment.

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kyle eric said...

i like the stache, and I can't watch the movies due to low connection speeds, but it is good to hear what is going on in your life. I miss talking quite a bit...selfishly i suppose but you seem to understand a part of my mind most find illusive. I think you should come to ireland. there are mcadets here and I am here, and the only missing ingredient is you. take care sir, and keep up the facial hair, it is a blessing few men appreciate.