Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aye Aye Captian

I'm ridiculous. Don't read that title more than once and certainly don't remember it.

I have a new hobby I want to pick up. Documenting my life in a dairy. Yes, a diary... though, I'd 
prefer to think of it as a captains log. I've had enough of my dependably undependable memory. I need a reference for what is going on internally and externally. Too often I fall back on three sets of time to describe my past. Something either happened a few days ago, two weeks ago, or awhile ago. That's the extent of my specificity and it's sad.

Time for a sweet new notebook! I'd prefer the Miquelrius brand because - they're amazing, they're from Spain, I love their Logo, and most importantly they're not a Moleskine. For whatever insanely stupid reason I hate Moleskines. I think it's because they're always marketed as the notebook for the "Inspired Individual". It just pisses me off for some reason. However, Moleskine it will have to be for me. Miquelrius doesn't carry a date book version of their handsome notebooks. Moleskine does.

End of trivial entry.

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Love is Hell said...

this sounds like a good Idea, I goback and forth on writing shit down, but i would like to read about how dope i was when i was super oldand poopin my pants and the like