Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hair Cut.

Oh man, it's been awhile since my last cut ( at least for me ) and it feels great to have a new one. I go to a local Great Clips and I actually really love it. For the type of hair cut I usually get, and my hair budget, a place like Great Clips is really all I need. Also, I really like the guy who cuts my hair. He sort of reminds me of some one I used to date. I'm not sure why that should make me like him, but for some reason it's a plus for him... He's also attractive - so that doesn't hurt.

It's funny how - shall we say - conservative? I've become over the last two years. I'm getting rid of all my nonessential stuff and editing down my closet to the most basic of basics. I was sort of all over the place in college. Check out this sweet coif I used to be an owner of.

The dogs and one of my roommates will be moving out. I'll miss you Murphy... You were the best deaf dog I've ever known.

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