Thursday, November 13, 2008

One Day

One day when I have the money to invest in interior comforts I'll hopefully be buying things like this. The ditte sofa is from Anthropologie and the six-foot diameter lamp is from Zava


SarahNumberOne said...

So I just found your blogspot.

And I was looking down at that photo you had of the explorers in the icy place.

That's from a 1980s National Geographic -- I have it!
I mean. Fancy that. I'm pretty sure we discovered that same image at the same time. I passed it around in my 2D class as we were doing some monochromatic project and it boggled our minds! So great.

See you around!

Sarah Julson said...

Yeah, I was up there for a bit, but then I ended up leaving to go do homework. It's so odd because I literally spend about 80% of my non-class time there. The one day you decide to come I leave??? What's wrong with me?!